2017, Video installation
10 Min., Pal
Materials: washing machine, TV, Raspberry Pi

The video installation Siwamat 6123 consists of a washing machine with a television set mounted on top.
It shows a video with several washing machines in a chaotic vaulted cellar.
The drum of the washing machine is filled with 220 pieces of cut 220V plugs.
It switches itself on and begins to spin synchronously to the shown video in which artifacts in the
form of jerking, trembling and image disturbances occur.
The soundtrack falls into crackling and humming, the plugs crackle around in the drum.
After a short time the magic ends and the installation falls into idle lethargy again.
The video, too, returns to the largely static state of a still image; only the disco ball rotating at the
top of the image allows movement to be observed on closer inspection.
Attempts by the control elements of the machine to intervene fail, as these are suspended.

Siwamat 6321 on Vimeo