2018 – Light Installation
Iphone 4 / 5 Displays, Acrylic, Steelstand

The installation is based on the discovery of a box full of defective mobile phone displays. It consists of a steel frame on which 8 acrylic glass panels hang in a slightly curved arrangement. These panels are each covered with 24 Iphone displays. The backlights of the displays are individually controlled by a self-developed electronic system and thus form the pixels of a large screen. The screen shows a cyclic light animation lasting two minutes. Since the displays are based on IPS technology, they would normally block all light without an image signal. Therefore, I have carried out a manufacturing process of destroying the display pole filters, to allow the light to escape in uneven artifacts from the mobile phone screens and thus produce the textures to be seen. On the back of the installation, the light emerges in bright colors from the displays, which is also related to their design. I have arranged the individual displays according to the structure of their cracks, so that an overall structure is created.