2018 – Videoinstallation
Thermalprinter, Webcam with Teleoptics

The project Außerath is about the power plants „Niederaussem“ and „Neurath“ near Cologne. Niederaussem is the third largest ignite-fired power plant in Europe (link)
It runs nearly permanently, without a break. I take up this state of permanent operation and the temporal aspect in the installation. In the photographs hanging next to each other, the power plant can be seen from two perspectives at four seasons. A thermal printer placed on a pedestal prints out the steam transmitted in real time via the Internet from the cooling tower of the power plant. The used slit scanning process creates a seamless image of the steam column printed out on endless paper, thus fills the installation site day after day with increasing amounts of paper. About 250 meters are collected daily. Furthermore, I have made a new edition limited to 100 pieces from the historical stamp series “Industry and Technology” from 1979 (brown coal shovel, power plant and television camera). The visitors are invited to send a postcard with either a steam or power plant motive.